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It’s not just rice… by Chuck Baclagon
March 20, 2007, 12:04 pm
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What do you know about rice? Except for being the staple food of almost the whole world, rice has a lot to offer. Here are some interseting facts about the most popular dish in the world. (^-^ enjoy)

Did you know?

  • In Asia, planting rice is often a back-breaking chore. Every seedling must be poked into the mud by hand—usually by women.
  • Rice provides 25 to 85 percent of the calories in the daily diet of 2.7 billion Asians.
  • If a rice plant is properly cared for, it can live 20 years, producing thousands of grains of rice each year.
  • The three main types of rice are: short grain like Japanese rice, medium grain like brown rice, and long grain like basmati rice.
  • 50% of all the world’s rice is eaten within 8 miles of where it is grown.

After a farmer plants rice, it takes about 105 days before he can harvest it!

Rice everywhere

  • Rice and its by-products are used for making straw and rope, paper, wine, crackers, beer, cosmetics, packing material, and even toothpaste.
  • Rice is used for a lot more than food! Rice straw is used to make coarse writing paper and is woven into sandals and hats.

Rice as a cleaning material

  • Throw in some uncooked grains into a vase along with soapy water and shake it all about. Vase becomes spotless.

Rice car

  • Toyota means bountiful rice field.

Rice for sports

  • RICE – an acronym for the treatment of sports injuries: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Rest : stop using the injured muscle or joint.
Ice : cool the injured site.
Compression : apply bandage to limit swelling and support the injured site.
Elevation : help reduce swelling.

Rice as a book cover

  • Books can be decorated with “rice marble,” a technique created by placing dry grains of rice on the book covers when they’re being made.

Rice for clothes

  • Rice starch is sometimes used in the last rinse of a laundry wash, to stiffen tablecloths and napkins once they are ironed.

Rice Emperor

  • According to Shinto belief, the Emperor of Japan is the living embodiment of the god of the ripened rice plant, Ninigo-no-mikoto.

Rice greeting

  • In China a typical greeting, instead of “How are you?” is “Have you had your rice today?”. A greeting to which one is expected to always reply, “Yes”.

So you see rice is not just a food its practically the representation of life. Hence,we have to be responsible to it especially know that it is being threatened by GE technology. Let’s treat this issue seriously before we loss the most essential thing in this world..


A.C. Dimatatac

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